Chris Harris


Chris was born and raised in Tennessee where he graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1993. He enjoyed success as a teacher for seven years, but left teaching for retail. After eleven years, Chris left in 2011 to help Cara at Maid in Heaven.

After cleaning with Cara for several years, Chris has moved into the business/office side of things.  He works with the teams on a daily basis about planning, scheduling, and execution of the day’s tasks.  While he’s not cleaning as much these days, Chris still maintains that he’s just as good a cleaner as anyone.  Although, when he does assist the teams in the houses, they usually tell him to get out of the way because he’s slowing them down.


Providing house cleaning and commercial office cleaning services for the following areas: Fredericksburg (22401), Stafford (22554, 22556, 22406), Spotsylvania (22407, 22408, 22553), Falmouth (22405), King George (22485), Locust Grove (22508), Culpeper (22701), Stevensburg (22741), Lignum/Richardsville (22726).

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