Deep Cleaning

In addition to our Standard Cleaning, we offer Deep Cleaning services for our clients that want an even more detailed cleaning. These are often chosen for a spring cleaning or whenever our clients need to really get things looking great!

Many of our clients will begin their house cleaning services with a deep clean. However, we do not require our clients to start with a deep clean. The price of a deep cleaning will vary according to the needs of the home.

A Deep Cleaning has all the parts of a Standard Cleaning plus the following areas:

  • Spraying and cleaning all windows.
  • Dusting all window blinds and window treatments.
  • Wet wiping and cleaning all baseboards.
  • All interior doors, trim, door frames, and handles are wiped and cleaned.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors are wet wiped and cleaned.
  • All edges and corners of carpets are vacuumed.
  • Inside of oven is sprayed with oven cleaner and completely cleaned.
  • A/C air intakes and flow vents are dusted/vacuumed.
  • Light switches and plug outlets are wiped and cleaned.
  • Light fixtures are dusted and cleaned, as necessary.

While the above stated services are extensive, it is impossible to anticipate any and every cleaning need that could ever arise. Your house may need additional cleaning not listed in the descriptions above. If your house requires a cleaning service not listed above, we will be happy to discuss your need and help you create a solution.

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